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Organic Spearmint & Lavender

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Spearmint, with its refreshing flavor, is considered the original medicinal mint. It is mildly stimulating and relaxing. This is a very helpful herb for stomach upset or headaches. A mild digestive aid which makes it a great before or after dinner tea. Spearmint’s properties make way for a cooling effect on the digestive system and a warming effect as it stimulates blood flow. Calms nervous tension and proves to be a great herbal pick-me-up by strengthening the nervous system.


Lavender has calming benefits that go beyond its centering fragrance. It is an essential herb to have both in the garden and in your medicinal herb collection. This is a relaxing nervine that can help ease anxiety, nervousness, stress and is a mild antidepressant. Lavender is effective in calming the heart and mind in stressful situations and can relieve tension and insomnia. Lavender can benefit a healthy digestion, boost immune system and reduce inflammation.